If you are interested in becoming a retailer of our products please fill out the application and email (penny-gwc@gmail.com) or mail your completed forms to Guillory Wholesale, 213 2nd Street, Mamou, La.  70554. You may also fax your completed form and necessary documents to 337-468-5260.

To become a retailer you must:

1. Have a current Louisiana Sales Tax Certificate (or a current sales tax certificate in the state you will conduct business);

2. have a store front where you will display our products;

3. initial minimum purchase of $300, and monthly orders thereafter to keep your account active (We do not accept credit cards or debit cards.)

If you are interested in becoming a wholesale distributor and would like to speak to someone personally, please feel free to call 337-468-5269 between 8-4pm Monday through Friday.

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